Pickle Ball

Pickleball has come to Canal Walk!  The tennis court area is now striped with 4 light-blue-lined pickleball courts and 2 white-lined tennis courts.  Portable pickleball nets can be moved into place when needed.


Pickleball Prime Time will be Monday through Friday, either 8AM - 10AM or 10AM - 12 Noon depending on the weekday (exact times are posted at the courts).  For times outside Prime Time, the courts can be used for either pickleball or tennis, on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Pickleball is becoming very popular across the US.  It is a wonderful sport for seniors due to the small court size (one-third of a tennis court area), smaller racquet (one-half the size of a tennis racquet), slower-moving (wiffle) ball, short games, and low cost.  Good reaction time and hand-eye coordination are essential.  Mixed doubles is very popular and is a lot of fun.  Pickleball is easy to learn and the teams are frequently rotated to provide a varied and sociable experience.  The official pickleball rules can be found here:  http://www.usapa.org/ifp-official-rules/





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